About Buzz

Buzz is brought to you by the team behind BrandStencil, the brand management template platform.

Buzz Social Posters is a campaigning tool for use by the public or supporters. It's primary focus is creating user generated branded content for social sharing.

Buzz is part of the BrandStencil product family. It's a stand alone product that sits within the BrandStencil platform ecosystem.

Buzz started life as a separate product (called PosterMaker) from BrandStencil but we knew that our BrandStencil clients wanted the functionality of Buzz so we brought it into the platform.

What's the difference between Buzz and BrandStencil?

BrandStencil is an enterprise solution, used right across the charity sector to enable staff and volunteers to create on-brand designs like posters, leaflets and social tiles.

BrandStencil can be integrated with your organisation's other systems, like Digital Asset Management tools and Single Sign On so that it can be used seamlessly.

If you need a simple campaigning tool for your website use Buzz, if you need a more comprehensive solution use BrandStencil.